Webhosting company review: Web4Africa SUCKS


August 6, 2010 by Administrator

Just when I thought I had gotten over Web4Africa, someone unfortunately reminds me about them….rolls eyes and hisses.

I have some work doing, so here am I trying to get a head on start for the weekend. A friend of mine came online about an hour ago. We last met Dec, 2008 before he travelled abroad for further studies. I and my guy had then been discussing a couple of things regarding a project we wanted to embark on, first of which was getting a reputable webhost, and then we hoped other things would fall into place. As of this writing, the project is still a project; unfortunately, it has become an abandoned project, as my experience with Web4Africa was like pouring very cold water on a budding fire.

Enough of the whining and crying, let the sleeping dogs lie. I and my guy haven’t spoken in a while, so we had a lot of catching up to do. After about 45-minutes, he had to catch up to something else, and I proceeded with what I was doing. Searching up something on google, only to find some interesting article, titled: 14 Things To Consider When Choosing A Webhost For Your WordPress Powered Site, how I wished I read this before jumping into the Web4Africa bandwagon. And it was just after I read the “first thing to be considered” that I decided to write this post. Heres what the author(WP Tavern) of the above article has to say:

Google Research – Always type into Google “Name Of Webhosting Company Sucks” to get a grasp on the issues that have been reported with that particular webhost. When webhosting companies screw up, people are very vocal about it and will stop at nothing to complain to all who will listen. Unfortunately, the side effect to this research is that you’ll find out every webhosting company in existence, sucks.

And as if I wanted to verify if WP Tavern was telling the truth, I typed: “We4bAfrica sucks” into my google search page, and what did I find:


Someone even votes Web4Africa as the worst webhost of 2010?


source: click here

This one talks of some fraudulent website hosted on WebAfrica?


source: click here

Oga Trae adds his own 2-cents in his piece titled: Peace of Mind.

For the record, the only sugar-coated review I found on the internet about Web4Africa is this controversial article by Chukwudi U, and the reason why is what I explained in this other article last year; 60days till the expiration of http://www.nairabutes dot com – update3: click here. Thats why I called it sugar-coated. Anyway, I have no qualms with Mr. Chukwudi, its just that I feel he played some politics with his write-up.

Anyway, just in case you want to know where all of the above really started from, read the The Original Story which I wrote last August 2009. Its been one year since I complained about Web4Africa’s Fraud, it unfortunately my complaint felt on deaf ears. With all my complaints on email and online, there was no single word of apology. While my complaints about the disservice were falling on deaf ears, the company was still reminding me to renew my subscription. They forgot they were not even providing me service in the first place. In the common Nigerian parlance, God dey!. Everyday is for the thief, one day is for the owner.

Just to repeat what I searched on google: Web4Africa SUCKS, and it does big-time.


7 thoughts on “Webhosting company review: Web4Africa SUCKS

  1. Thanks for the mention yet again ;-). I read that post @ mybbrunway and one thing struck me! Some folks were even complaining of great hosts such as Hostgator (which hosts my blog till date), 1and1, JustHost.

    For me it all comes down to each and everyone’s experience with the webhost. Just because you saw stuff like 30 days Money Back Guarantee, Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth etc doesn’t mean it’s true. I learned the hard way and nowadays before making an order I take time out to read the company’s TOS as these folks can be quite sneaky ;-).

    Wth regards folks hosting scam sites on Web4Africa, all I can say is David probably slipped in screening all sites hosted on his servers. This is another issue some web hosts aren’t familiar with. Some just collect the money and look the other way without taking time out to check out what kind of business is being run on their servers.

    For the record, my review of Web4Africa wasn’t sugarcoated @ all. It was just my honest opinion of their services. Just as you think Web4Africa sucks, I think Utiware SUCKS!

    Have a great weekend man 😉

  2. There is no webhosting company without its flaw. So if you search enough you will always get one customer complaining about how a webhosting company sucks!
    However, it is the responsibility of any webhosting company to clear their name or try to passive an aggrieved customer.
    I am not a customer of Web4Africa, but I’ve had a lot of good comments made about their service. I really wish David will come up to resolve the issue you had with them.
    As for you thinking that Chukwudi sugarcoated his review, I don’t think so. He was just airing his own personal view. He may be wrong, but one thing I can assure you of is the fact that he is not one of those that flatters. You can read more of his blog post to get yourself convinced.

  3. This is a very good web hosting company there services is very good and smart…

  4. odofin Caleb says:

    Well, I don’t think your experience with web4africa is common to all, Every weebhost company do have challenges, I have over 20 websites hosted with web4africa and i do not regret using them, I am 4 years running now hosting with web4africa,

    Just today at the computer village i went to help a friend with his wordpress website which he was hosting with Utiware and i found out that it was utiware that helped him to install wordpress just because they have no Cpanel, what kind of host is that? That SUCKS! Conclusion is moving the hosting to web4africa. I can’t recommend any less.

    Web4africa do have challenges just like any other hosting company can but they have great track records. Your experience with them, it sounds strange to me!

  5. NairaBytes says:

    @Odofin Caleb,

    thanks for the update. Just in case you doubt what I have written here, why not ask Mr. Web4Africa himself. He won’t deny my accusations.

  6. ben says:

    It was a friend of mine that introduced me to Web4Africa and I dropped a client’s job on their server. The client showed up later to say he needed to change his domain name since at the point of registering with Local Authorities concerned, he found that the choice name was taken. On enquiry on what to do, I began to get short and undetailed responses. Why not go straight to the point and tell me to buy a new hosting plan for the new domain. I remember replying them at a point that I am not comfortable with their one-undetailed-sentence response. I got over it when I just asked them whether it will cost me to get another domain name for the same client to effect change of name. They responded, and again with a short affirmative answer and I dashed off to the bank to make payments and continue my life.

    Now what I think about them is that they are pretty doing well but for customer relationship which I will score them poorly. Who ever is their relationship manager should sit up. I have new prospects and I feel that a devil in hand is better than an angel unknown.

  7. Omer says:

    web4africa is really a bad hosting company. i had mail problems, connection problems, sql datalost, ownership problems.. they move accounts from a server to another server once a week.. you cant access your accounts, mails.. when you submit a ticket they always give same answer we are sorry.. and you have same problem next day.. Absolutely a SHIT service.. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY…

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