re – Israelis Suspects in ‘Nigerian Scam’ may be extradited.

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June 18, 2010 by Administrator

Is it some journalists trying to play devils advocate or Israelis just liking to point the finger. At first, I thought it was a simply misplaced news-title by

nigerian scam1

I thought Nigerians were involved, for the news title to include the quoted ‘Nigerian Scam’. I followed the link to the main news: click image below to enlarge

nigerian scam

the url for the above picture:


  • there are no Nigerians involved in the scam, so where did ‘Nigerian Scam’ come from? None of the suspects is African for God’s sake.
  • Does Nigeria as a Nation have to be blamed for fraud offenses committed by Israelis residing in Israel against fellow Israelis or non-Israelis.
  • Or do they just mean to imply that Nigerians residing in Israel have so corrupted these no good Israelis into scamming Americans?

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