Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers crashes only on remote desktop

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July 2, 2010 by Administrator

my scenario is this:

comp1: I have Windows XP Professional installed with service pack-2. Its a P4 CPU, 2.6GHz with 1GB Ram. RDP is enabled on this machine.

comp2: a 2GB Ram, Pentium CPU T4200 dual core, 2GHz with Windows Vista Home basic installed.

I connect from Comp2 to Comp1 via RDP to do my work. The only thing that doesnt work remotely on comp1 are my browsers. In IE, I can’t open two windows or else the first crashes, then the second, even if what I wanted to open was a simple “hello world” search result on Wikipedia. Same thing in Chrome, once I try opening the second tab, it crashes.

If I were to use Comp1 directly, I mean, sit in front of it and work locally, I have no issues with the browsers. I can open as many Chrome tabs / Windows I want and even run IE simultaneously. The bottleneck is only the browser, via a remote desktop access. In fact, via RDP, I have no problems doing other things on Comp1, for example: opening up several documents in Microsoft Word / Excel / PPT, I can access files easily, Skype, Ymsgr are working all simultaneously etc., all work fine – and if I were to fire up my browser remotely, it crashes.

Kindly, If you have experienced this or have an idea what the issue may be and how to resolve it, please leave a comment.



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