60 Day till the expiration of www.nairabytes.com, update8


January 8, 2010 by Administrator

Dear Web4Africa,

Dear David Oluniyi Ajao,

Thank you for suspending my account with your company. January 6th 2009 to Januray 7th, 2010 has come and gone, one whole year of disservice by your company. I am really impressed. You are the ideal Nigerian company, showcasing its values to the whole wide world.

Mr. David, I am guessing that these and more are some reasons why my account was suspended. With I being the “customer” in this case:

  • Customer has been very “uncooperative and unfriendly” with you and your staff, since day-1 of his payment for your services. He started complaining the second day after he was furnished with login details for his domain: www.nairabytes.com. His emails didn’t give you or your staff any breathing space, in fact, he sent at least 2–emails per week since the start of January 2009 till date.
  •  He complained about everything from your customer- care service to lack of technical support, to your sheer lack of concern about his complaints. He said the service you provided did not meet even the most basic expectations, and complained even more and more. 
  • His nagging complaint emails really bugged your mail box weekly, until your email servers started bouncing emails from his email-ID. There were so many technicalities which you as the webhosting company / technical guru acknowledged, tried so much to resolve, but could not figure out for one whole year.
  • Things got worse when he started demanding for a refund of his payments to you. The single support-ticket which he created days after his initial payment for subscription, was so technically complex, you could not resolve it, and it remained open until his account was suspended.
  • Feeling frustrated and let down, this customer made his complaints about your services public. He created a weblog and documented his many stories.
  • while he was still making his technical-issue complaints public, while he continued notifying you of his demand for a refund, you wasted no time to inform by mail about the expiry date of his subscribed services, and his need to renew his subscription. He refused to resubscribe, and therefore, for all the above and more reasons which cannot be documented, his account had was suspended.


The only word of advice you as the owner of the web hosting company had for this complaining customer throughout his 1–year as a customer of your company were the following:

  • you sent him several add-requests to your Facebook account, to which he declined,
  • you sent him several add-requests to your Linked In profile, to which he decliened,
  • you furnished him with your monthly newsletters,
  • he was formally notified months before his domain expired to renew his subscription, and he failed to do so. In fact, it was this customer that had to remind you that you were not providing him service, and therefore should stop your domain renewal notices.

Its baffling: service provider suspends the account of a customer who has complained about the service provided for 1–whole year. During this time(1–whole year), the service provider did not rectify the issue complained about; the service provider never offered one sentence of apology to the customer; the service provider did not provide a refund of money paid by the customer, back to the customer, and then the service provider suspended the account of this customer. The following are his complaint posts for your reading pleasure: 

While you as the webhosting company owner cannot deny any of the above, you have decided to write a post on your company weblog, informing the general public that the customer was on the Libel path, against you, your company, and reputation.

It is unfortunate that if you had considered your own reputation important, you could at least have listened to a customer complaining about your poor services. Hope you have taken a moment to read his reply.

It is also very unfortunate that the relationship between you and this customer has to end like this. But please take note that his demand for a full refund still stands. He is determined to pursue this case, use every possible legal means in Nigeria and Ghana, until he secures his refund, and even if it means contacting your own providers.

His consolation however is that he did not(and it would have been very unfortunate) seek to further his buisness interests with your company by making payment for your resellership. It would have been hell if I had customers on my neck and you sat pretty on a lazy boy in Accra. Please note that your attitude since the start of this relationship has been very dissapointing, the way you have presented yourself first as a Nigerian, and as the owner of a Nigerian company on the international scene has been most unfortunate. In fact, this customer would like to repeat his own words to you in one of his emails to you: he feels cheated and scammed by you and your company Web4Africa.

There is one line that comes to my mind. Its the one from that Sony PS3 Commercial, check youtube for the video: “Bernie, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, otherwise; I’d be a Nigerian millionaire by now”.

Please note that the rewards of unrighteousness will not take you very far!

warm regards,

This Customer: Nairabytes


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