60days till the expiration of www.nairabytes dot com – update6


December 31, 2009 by Administrator

heres my reply to the last Libel post of Web4Africa.

Web4Africa: It has become imperative for me to respond to some misinformation via this medium, from the owner of nairabytes.com, who is libelling my person using his blog hosted at wordpress.com

reply: I am extremely dissapointed by your products, services and non-chalant attitude you have displayed since the start of my attempt to do buisness with you. Unfortunately, it has taken many emails, a public – weblog to have you listen to a single customer’s complain that something isn’t working. It has taken me 12–continuous months, countless emails to have your listening ears, and yet you describe all these as “misinformation, libelling” etc.

===== 8 8 8 8 8 = = = = =

Web4Africa 1. Security
Web4Africa runs multiple web servers spread across 4 world-class data centres in diverse geographical locations, with each server configured to offer the best level of performance and security. In the interest of security, unused functionalities are disabled on the servers as these are usually targeted by hackers to perpetrate their evil trade. It is under this same principle that programs like Apache, PHP etc are hardened on the servers, to drastically reduce any chance of server compromise. Consequently, it is possible that some few web scripts would not function correctly. Where this happens, we encourage our clients to contact us, and we work together to identify the conflict, and do our best to accommodate their specific requirements.

reply: thanks for enumerating your technical resources across your many “geographical locations”. Please note that I am not a novice in this buisness and what the end-user customer understands is either: my website is working, or my website is not working. Details of what is happening / not happening in one or more geographical locations are not important. If you say that you have hardened your servers up to the point where your scripts don’t work, that is your problem, not mine and not anybody elses’. I would count it as a disservice if scripts on my domain are not working because of whatever security measures you put in place. Thats why we are into I.T, remember?

question: and don’t you think these security measures have cost me 1–whole year? I asked that the issue be resolved and for 1–whole year, you couldn’t resolve the issue. I asked for a refund and for 1–whole year no refund. Is that the way you do buisness?

===== 8 8 8 8 8 = = = = =

Web4Africa 2. Warranty

There are tens of thousands of scripts (web software) that can be installed on a typical web hosting server and these scripts can make use of any of the thousands of functionalities offered by programming languages like PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails etc. Adding the power of modules, it is even possible to extend the functionalities of the traditional programming languages. In essence, various proprietary or open-source software, programming languages, database systems, email software etc have to be installed on a typical web hosting server in a commercial shared web hosting environment. Several 3rd-party party web applications can be installed by web hosting clients to meet their respective needs. These include content management systems like: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. Partly due to the high number of various conditions required for tens-of-thousands of 3rd-party applications to function correctly, it is impractical for a web hosting company to offer warranty over the innumerable 3rd party applications.

reply: I never asked you for warranty over 3rd party applications. I told you before, I say it again: a good way to troubleshoot and find the solution to a problem is to look inwards first, then look outwards next, and not the other way around. If all the scripts you offer don’t work on your own servers, does this mean all the scripts have individual faults?

= = = = =  8 8 8 8 8 = = = = =

Web4Africa 3. Refund

Web4Africa’s Refund policy, as retrieved from the Terms of Service (TOS) document, today 29th December 2009:

read on: click here

Mr Oluniyi David Ajao, doesn’t it bother you that I am the victim here? don’t you understand that you haven’t provided me any service? Its been 1–whole wasted year and I’ve neither gotten the service or refund I asked for, and do you know the number of mails I’ve sent over 1–single ticket. Just 1–single ticket, and still you find it convenient to copy-paste your Terms of Service document for the whole world to see?

Talking about your 30–day money back guarantee, do you understand what this means:

Web4Africa offers an unconditional 30 day guarantee that covers cancellations of a web hosting account made during the first 30 days of service, due to the inability to deliver satisfactory services….

For the record, and for all who will read this:

I made enquiry via your LiveHelpGenie chat application. I informed you specifically (Kevin had transferred me to you when I told him I wanted to chat with you directly) that all I wanted was a WordPress blog, and that the main functionality is that I wanted to post from 3rd party applications. You gave me all the assurances, spiced up with “yes sirs”, here and there. I asked for references, WP-blogs hosted on your servers, and you directed me to your own weblog. You asked me how I heard about your company, etc., if I knew any of your existing customers?…. can I continue? And before you say I’m lying, can you please post the transcripts of our chat sessions for the world to see?

I made payment on the 6th of January, and my first complaint was on the 7th via the the online chat app. Can you please post your own transcripts of our chat sessions: me with you, or me with Kevin for the whole world to see? Please check your mails to me since 12th January. My brother, I have been complaining since then – till today.

In the course of our many mails, I told you that I’m not a novice. You had referred me back to the script owners, but the helter skelter didn’t work. I knew you just wanted to buy time, but since you didn’t have the guts to tell me directly, I was patient enough, giving you the benefit of the doubt while I also looked for solutions here and there.

In the course of our many mails, you suggested that the only way to go about it was for me to type my posts directly into the blog; and that its the way you updated your own personal weblog. I disagreed with your idea: (1) informing you that I had set up other WP blogs hosted elsewhere and I updated them using 3rd party applications, (2) I also reminded you of my specific “3rd party application” enquiries, (3) I also notified you that I had tried installing other scripts(Joomla, Drupal, etc) besides WordPress, and all the errors were the same. Thats when you started talking about the security of your servers.

In the course of our many mails, I suggested you delete everything on the weblog, install WP yourself and try to post via one of the tools I mentioned – since you said maybe I didn’t install WP properly.

In the course of our many mails, I suggested you install one or more of the 3rd party applications I mentioned: Blog-Jet / Desk, Windows Live writer, Scribefire etc., on your own computer, try to make a post on your own personal weblog – to see what works and what isn’t, at least to give you an idea of which security measures are blocking what and how.

And while you continue flogging the 30–day Money Back guarantee: please note that your actions haven’t guaranteed “satisfactory service” for even 1–day. I have not used or enjoyed your service for 1–single day. And as I write, isn’t the ticket I created since January 7th still OPEN? or is it closed? who resolved what, and when?

so on what grounds are you billing me? isn’t it a shame on you, that you even try to argue about it?

The fact that we offer a Money back Guarantee does not imply that every client is welcome to whimsically apply for a refund. Each application needs to be carefully scrutinized and where they have merit, a refund is issued.

So while a client can whimsically make payment, the same client cannot whimsically ask for a refund? It took you 1–long year to mail me back that you have fixed a problem (which hasn’t still been fixed), and yet you say “my application for a refund has been denied?”. Isn’t your denial as whimsy as your customer service?

= = = = =  8 8 8 8 8 = = = = =

Web4Africa : At several points has he been made to understand that a refund is not possible in this very circumstance but he chose to reply in very unfriendly terms with very insulting language, seeking to threaten my person and scare Web4Africa staff. His recent resort has been to publish insulting and libellous statements via a blog located at wordpress.com seeking to defame my person despite the fact that there is nothing personal about this issue. These only worsen the situation. From our TOS:

Abusive behavior against staff: We believe in professional communication, no matter what the issue is. We will not tolerate any abusive behaviour, abusive language or threats against any Web4Africa staff member(s). By violating this policy, we reserve the right to permanently suspend or terminate your account(s) without prior notice and without any refund. Web4Africa reserves the right to require changes or disable as necessary any web site, account, database, or other component that does not comply with this policy, at its sole discretion and without notice. Web4Africa also reserves the right to make any such modifications in an emergency at our sole discretion


Medical Doctor, Doctor of Philosophy, Engineer, Consultant, Professor, Pastor, Senator, Prince, Captain, Senior Officer, Major, Major General, Lieutenant, Left winger, Right winger, Mr. President, Senior Executive, Your Royal Highness, Reverend, Speaker, Your Honor Oluniyi David Ajao, big boss of Web4Africa.

Are you happy now? SIR?

do you expect me to be begging you to provide a service for which you have been paid. Where I come from, thats not the way things are done.

  • Why is a refund not possible? did you provide me service within 30–days of my payment? NO.
  • Why is a refund not possible? did you provide me service within 1–year of my payment? NO

Please note: this is not a case where I refused to use the service provided. Nothing was working in whatever service you say you provided and I have been complaining about it for 1–whole year. And please what is the abusive behaviour I used against your or your staff.

= = = = =  8 8 8 8 8 = = = = =

David, here are some of my emails to you to refresh your memory, I’ll find the others and publish if you wish:

hello there,
thanks for your reply. Perhaps the switching of my hosting account to wherever has been responsible for my being unable to achieve the purpose for which I requested the service – you would be in a better position to assist with an explanation.
No, it doesnt still work. I have just uninstalled WordPress, and reinstalled it all over. See a sample hello world post here: http://nairabytes.com/wp/ where a simple text formatting(bold, italics)does not get acknowledged on your servers. There is no special server requirement, perhaps maybe you could download a couple of client apps and try to see things for yourself.
Using a client app is not a matter of convenience. Its the most ideal thing to do in an environment where I do not have all the bandwidth I need, etc at my disposal. I have a couple of blogs(WP hosted/not hosted) that I update regularly from my client apps(including Mozilla firefox) and I dont have problems with it. Besides posting to a team blog with everyone logging in – individually is not ideal.
Perhaps, if none of your clients has made such a request before, I just feel you could look into it and figure things out.
and for the fact that I’m billed for a service that is not working despite my several complaints which you can make reference to, and when the fault isnt mine, I understand its what is only obtainable in Africa, the gods are crazy.


Windows Live Writer and Mozilla FireFox
and please on the ‘be patient’ idea, please note that this is APRIL 2009. If you understand customer service, you should know the definition of service delivery. Please note that as this is the first time I’m using your service, im giving you a very long rope to pull. You can as well suit yourself. take all the time you need. Much ado about doing business with an African company.


what on earth is wrong with you people? are you guys plain frauds or what exactly?
I sent you a mail reminding you of an issue not still resolved 5months after the first report and all you care to say is that my ticket is closed because no reply was recieved from me. What reply do you want me to give if issues are not resolved, and your team doesnt care to check if things are ok or not.


hello there David,
I know you are a Nigerian and am not surprised about your language. “You cannot possibly issue a refund in my case”?
I do not want to use vulgar language here, but you must be really really joking. Perhaps this is the usual joke you pass around on your clients after failing to provide them service, and collecting their money. You mean to say that in your company, if you fail to provide the required service you don’t refund the money? You can bet me, I’ll get mine from you whether you like it or not.

And what, when and where on earth did you explain to me in PLAIN TERMS?

do you know the difference between YES I CAN PROVIDE A SERVICE and

and please note that I have a history of mails I send to you and chats via your website’s web-chat… or perhaps you’ll deny that the statements were not true.
I asked for a wordpress blog, I asked to be able to post through third party client apps, I got a wordpress blog but 7-months after, I cant make a single post without correct document  formats.
1) can you pls take a look at the site and see whatever is happening there?
2) what have you done since the start of my COMPLAINING to rectify the issue?
3) have you tried to replicate the problem on your end and see what is working, what is not working and how things can be solved? You claim to have a wide knowledge-base and all you know how to do is tell a customer he cannot get a refund because of a problem you cannot figure out?
4) and why is my request possible on other webhosts and impossible on yours?
5) have you tried asking around, seeking for information, at least to resolve what seems to be ‘an issue?”

and you sit there telling me that a refund cannot be made “in my case”?

what case?

please note that my mails to you are part of a very long rope I’m giving you to pull. When you come to an end, I’ll let you know.

warm regards


this is a quote from one of my mails when you notified me to renew my subscription:

“hello there Web4Africa,
your mail is appreciated, but no thanks.
does it not disturb you that you are sending me a notice to renew my domain for a service you have not provided? does it not seem odd to you, that there has been issues with http://nairabytes.com for which I have been making several complaints since the beginning of this year? are you just blind, deaf and dumb to all the mails I have been sending you since I paid for service – or you are just adamant like majority of Nigerian buisnesses who suddenly turn cold once they collect money? I have been  infoming you that the purpose of the service requested has not been achieved, that something from your end is not working – this something is what you havent found out yet, this problem hasnt been solved – and a whole year is running out – and yet you find it within your graciousness to notify me of an expiry date.”


Dear David,
shame on you and shame on your company. Did you just receive my mail since January, or did your company just resume from the long holidays. Customer complains at the beginning of the year, his issue gets resolved at the end of the year but his service charges were running all through: Welcome to Web4Africa. You could put this as a testimonial on your webpage.
So you are now sending me a reply, on Nov12 for an issue reported since the beginning of the year. Is this how you do your own buisness? And what of  your former mail saying that there was no issue from your end. Have you now swallowed your words or your words have swallowed you?
anyway, let me tell you, NO its not working. You have not even started resolving any issue yet.
and another thing, what I requested for is a FULL-REFUND. your 60days is running out.
— all copied parties, pls take note: todays date is Nov16th. His mail was sent 12th.

= = = = =  8 8 8 8 8 = = = = =

David, the only thing I know you have achieved in the past 1–year is to send me FaceBook invites, newsletters, renewal notices, etc, all of which I am very much uninterested in. The issue I reported since the 7th January hasnt been resolved. If you consider the above abusive to you and your staff, then re-read it again.

What do you expect me to say? please sir, resolve your problem? gosh.

Lastly, the 60–days you gave me will expire on 6–Jan–2010, and if I need to appear in front of your office with the Press and the Police, I will do it.



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