60days till the expiration of www.nairabytes dot com – update4


December 31, 2009 by Administrator

With regards to my last post (60days till the expiration of www.nairabytes dot com – update3) about the above issue, Mr Chukwudi has posted an apology, the part which concerns me is:



My second apology goes out to NairaBytes. My review of Web4Africa Webhosting & Domain Name Registration was the bone of contention. He had left comments expressing his feeling of having being defrauded by the company. He finally left a comment on my blog that pissed the owner of Web4Africa so much that he threatened a libel suit (Oluniyi sorry I had to mention it).

Being no stranger to bloggers being sued for stuff written on their blogs either by them, someone else or their commentators, (Check Out Canadian Model Liskula Cohen Sues & Unveils Blogger, Canadian Model Taking Google to Court, Perez Hilton Unmasked & Perez Hilton: In My Defense, I Don’t Actually Write That Crap),  I deleted all comments and trackbacks on the post and prevented new ones from passing through. This angered NairaBytes and prompted his writing this post: 60days till the expiration of www nairabytes dot com – update3.

NairaBytes:  If you take time out to read the posts above, you’ll know that I’ve decided to stay out of your grudges with Web4Africa cos I know not who’s @ fault in this ugly fiasco. What happens if it’s revealed somewhere along the line, that your comments were made to slander Web4Africa and your claims were bogus? I would be dragged into it as the owner of blog who allegedly helped in the defamation and possible ruin of that business. Worse still, Hostgator could be dragged into the whole mess.

BTW I’m not saying your claims are bogus, I’m just giving a hypothetical situation.

Your suggestion that I delete the whole review on Web4Africa so as to show my neutrality is simply something I cannot do. I ordered for hosting with them and after a while wrote an unbiased review of their services. My opinions were offered on a take it or leave it basis.

Jide Ogunleye was in his own right to say his experience with Utiware was awesome. Mine wasn’t and I made sure to provide evidence to prove that. Evidence which still remains in my inbox should a law suit follow some day.

I apologize for not been able to display your dislike for Web4Africa to the world and for not notifying you before I took down your comments. I hope you both resolve your issuess.

source: click here


In reply to the above: thanks Mr. Chukwudi. I mean’t no harm, its just that I didn’t expect you to take sides (by deleting all the comments), especially when you are hosting with Web4Africa. If I had no reason to complain, honestly, I won’t be doing so, and this publicly. And if David/Web4Africa had sorted out the issue in its infancy, if he had shown “some degree of concern”, we won’t be talking.

I believe in customer service, I believe in technical support. In fact, to say it right, I go an extra mile to make my customers happy even if I’ll have to bill them later for the “extra effort”. Believe me, there is always a technical solution to any problem at hand. Right from the start, I believed the issue wasn’t with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any of his offered scripts I wanted to use, it was with his servers.

Mr David and his crew tried pushing me here and there, “go and ask WordPress; go and ask Drupal; seek help from the software vendors blah blah blah”, saying it wasn’t a problem from their end, etc. Then in November, he mails me saying that “the issue has been fixed”. This leaves me asking what issue has been fixed if you have been denying since January 2009 that there was no issue”? And how do you expect me to use a service for 2–months and pay for a whole year? If thats how buisness is done in Web4Africa, thats not how I do my own buisness.

If Web4Africa had done their duty, at least technically, all these won’t be happening. but you know what, I really didn’t want to add this paragraph (below) to my last post:


After my first couple of months complaining here and there by mail / via Web4Africa’s online chat app, and my situation wasn’t getting better, I started calling friends, asking people if they knew Web4Africa / had done buisness with them, and I told them my story. One of the “unfortunate” comments I heard from the people I talked to, which then, I really thought was biased, but which David has proven to be true, especially in this my own case was the reason I added to paragraph above. He likes pulling stings here and there to make himself look good huh! Unfortunately, Mr. David and his company did nothing to change the impression.


  • why should the owner of Web4Africa be pissed about a comment I left on your blog in relation to my own personal complaint about him and his services? – so much as asking you, the owner of the blog to take off the comments. I guess this means his clients are under military rule – as far as his servers are concerened.
  • And what if the complaints against him and his services are indeed TRUE? , does this justify his asking you(the owner of the blog) to take off the comments – under threat ofcourse? Thats why I said in my last post, if I were you, I would take off the post as well, at least to maintain a neutral ground. Maybe some other day, I might do a review when the smoke has cleared.

Anyway, if you hadn’t taken off the comments, Mr. David would have taken down your weblog. You can bet my word on that.

So much for customer service!



3 thoughts on “60days till the expiration of www.nairabytes dot com – update4

  1. If he had taken down my weblog (http://www.patchworkoftips.com), it would have been within his rights as stated in the terms and conditions of Web4Africa.

    Please note that he NEVER forced me to take the comments off my blog. It was all my own decision. The libel suit threat was against YOU but I was 100% sure I would be dragged into it eventually thus I did what I had to do to save my a**.

    Let me just say that web hosts cannot be held responsible for the failures found in third party software especially 4th party. That said, the big time web hosts are well equipped to handle issues arising from them.

    If you had tried posting to your blog directly from the admin area you most definitely wouldn’t have faced the problems you did. Their servers just weren’t able to support Windows Live Writer/BlogDesk etc @ that point in time which is why when their servers were made capable of handling WLW, he alerted you. I faced the same problems as you did and when they couldn’t fix it, I found the solution myself cos for the N6,700 I paid, I didn’t feel comfortable bugging them.

    I hope you find peace of mind soon and get on with blogging which is why you sought to buy web hosting in the first place.

    If you’re willing to try again, you could give some other Nigerian web host a shot BUT if you’re looking for FULL SUPPORT/CUSTOMER SERVICE OF A WIDE RANGE OF SCRIPTS be prepared to pay in dollars.

    For the price Nigerian Web Hosts are offering their services, you almost can’t get top customer service.

    All the best. Happy New Year in advance 😉

  2. Naira.Kbps says:

    thanks for dropping by,

    David can sue me for anything he wants to. I’ll give him a hand full of what he cannot handle. Next time when he cannot offer a service, he’ll say so right from scratch.

    I understand that webhosts cannot be held responsible for failures found in third parties, but see, the failure wasnt in the third party. The issue was with his servers. This is I.T, there are ways you can cross-check things across board. I did my own thorough investigation before I mailed him that the issue was on his servers. If I was his sysAdmin, I know what to check here and there. Besides he could have installed one of the Apps, tried to post to his own personal weblog, check his logfiles and see what is happening. What is learning all about?

    Whatever scripts there are, were written by different people, and they can’t be all wrong at the same time. I’ve been blogging since 05 and yes, Ive used WordPress in several environments. Since he wasnt interested in finding a solution, I started asking for a refund. It was more like I was disturbing him, telling him that WP isnt working.

    Just as they say, too cheap, zero quality, zero customer service. Nigerian for that matter. I wasn’t actually interested in the pricing idea, I just wanted to patronize one of our own, thats all.

    Sorry for bugging you with my posts, Happy new year in Advance, its just hours away.

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