60days till the expiration of www.nairabutes dot com – update3


December 29, 2009 by Administrator

I went over to Chukwudi’s blog this morning to see if there was a reply to my last comment, which was a reply to earlier comments – about the above issue, only to discover that comments to the controversial post are closed and worse, all previous comments are closed. This is what he had to say:


Anyway, thats why I kept my last comment for posterity sake.

While I understand and accept that Chukwudi has 1–million% rights over his StrictlyOnlineBiz blog, to do and undo, I also believe that the reason for at least allowing comments to any post on the blog is to give readers an opportunity to air their views and contribute; knowing fully well that these views can be positive or negative, for or against you(the blogger) and whatever you have to say / should have said.

The comments I left on Chukwudi’s blogpost were not against his StrictlyOnlineBiz / the particular post, but to air my sad experience with Web4Africa, his webhosting company. While he writes that Web4Africa Hosting was cheap and reliable blah blah blah, I narrated my ordeal with the same company, that the service I paid for since January 2009 hasn’t gotten off the ground in November 2009, and yet Web4Africa has not given me a refund. David of web4Africa responded, and all he had to say was that my comments should not be taken seriously. So much for someone who should make an apology and provide service.

Theres no need to wonder why Chukwudi had to delete the comments, (how can you allow comments that make your webhost look bad – if you expect good service), and I would count such an action as very very very very cheap. Or maybe Web4Africa’s David has pulled some strings here and there so that the comments would be deleted and leave the make Web4Africa look good post intact.

And how then does Chukwudi expect readers to believe his Customer Service Experience with Utiware.net was free and fair, when one of the commenters on the post says he has been hosting with the same company for about 2–years and had no problem with them?

While Chukwudi would not want to call Utiware.net a scam, I wonder what he would call ‘the idea’ that I have paid for a service since January 2009, I have not received the service and have not received my refund from Web4Africa. Another scam, I think. click pic below to enlarge


What I’m trying to say is while one man’s meat is another man’s poison, Chukwudi should not have deleted the comments. If I were in his shoes, even if I wanted to close comments to the particular post (so that the argument would stop on my blog), I would have left previous comments as is, and still published. Or worse still, I could have deleted the entire post, so as to maintain my own neutrality.

For him to leave the post there and delete the comments means theres a fish in the water, and that fish is not playing ‘neutral’. So much for neutrality when you are advertizing the host in your header? click to enlarge


I actually smelt a merry go round when I first read the post, I just wasn’t sure. Now I am. But I do believe that freedom of speech includes the right to complain about products and services, and if personal sentiments or attachments are allowed to override level headed thinking, what do we have left. If you say the product is good and I say its bad, the third guy coming would have the good and bad news to refer to.

Please note: Whatever I have to say about David and Web4Africa is NOT A LIE, and my complaints are all valid. I have emails from him and his staff to prove my point. I have transcripts of our chat sessions saved. He himself cannot refute any of my statements. What I want now is not service, I just need my refund. It has been a wasted year with Web4Africa.

Until I get a refund, as far as I am concerned, I have been scammed by Oluniyi David Ajao and his Web4Africa webhosting company.



If you have read all the above and you don’t understand what it is about, in summary: I got scammed by Web4Africa.com. Read these:

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  2. 60–days till the expiration of www.nairabytes.com – update1
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2 thoughts on “60days till the expiration of www.nairabutes dot com – update3

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