60days till the expiration of www.nairabytes dot com – update2


December 19, 2009 by Administrator

kindly, before you continue, please read Part-1 of the above topic: click here

Unfortunately, all that Mr.Oluniyi David Ajao could say about my above complaint was:

 Oluniyi David Ajao Says:
November 17, 2009 at 10:56 am
One set of Nigerians are obscenely pessimistic about Nigeria and Nigerians. They do not believe anything positive can come out of their country. To those who hold such views, they live with it and bear the consequence of missed opportunities.

Its even worse when you find others pronouncing judgement just by reading one side of a story. Who themselves have to clue as to how things run, yet are only too eager to make generalized statements, spiced with personal insults.


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I’m enjoying David’s definant attitude, anyway. Its the kind you get from people who have done bad things over and over again until they conclude themselves to be superstars – like the agberos in Lagos who tell you they own the street.

It not perhaps, David’s first time to have his customers make a complaint about the services he claims to provide, and he’ll push them aside to the ‘noise makers’ corner. Feeling all confident about himself, his clients leave in anger, move on and decide to count their losses instead, leaving David to enrich himself. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

I also stumbled across Mr. U. Chukwudi’s weblog, and a post where he commended Web4Africa on their “good service”. With one man’s meat is another man’s poison, I narrated my ordeal with Web4Africa. While, Mr. Chukwudi offered a word of advice, especially with W.Live writer, this is what David Ajao had to say about my comments:



Talking about Malice:

  • I would like to ask David what context his “not providing me a service which I paid for” should be taken? and why hasnt he given me a refund since my ‘complaining’.
  • or sounds more like a Mathematical problem: A paid B for a service. B did not provide the service. A asked for a refund. B did not give the refund. What should A do?

Anyway, everyday is for the thief and one day for the owner, right. By the time this is all over, maybe it’ll make a good case study.

This is the comment I left on Chukwudi’s blog today:

NairaBytes says:
@Oluniyi David Ajao

Shame on you.

Shame on you for you to even come here to say my comments were malicious shows that you are A COMPLETE FRAUD. You are a confirmed 419.

Do you mean to say that I lied on you, and this even publicly? So the whole world should now listen to you, and point a Malicious finger to your own customer?

I wrote on my blog that I paid for a service with your company, the service wasnt provided, and I have been asking for a refund ever since, and you havent given me my refund, and so you call me Malicious?

Gosh, David, you stink.

So all I wrote on my blog about the poor service I received from you are lies? right? Now, you have showed the world the kind of person you are. I say it again, YOU ARE A COMPLETE FRAUD.

1) Why not explain what you have done in the process of I, making my complaints (12-months going) to resolve an issue on your servers and give me the service I paid for?
2) why not publish my emails about my complaints and your emails about whatever you did about it?
3) so in your company, when you fail to deliver and a client starts complaining, you then push that customer into the Malicious department?

I’m wondering David, don’t you expect me to make a complaint? See, if I were providing you a service which you werent happy with, wont you complain? I decided to make my complaints public because all our private discussions were not getting anywhere.

And why havent you given me a refund, when you have clearly defaulted on your own agreement to provide a service? There are over 30 e-mails in your mailbox from me on the same issue for 1-whole year.

Todays date is 19Dec2009, and yet you have the audacity to call me Malicious? You dont even offer any word of apology or any positive action to make things work out, and yet you run your mouth against me. I thought you should have a customer service department which could have called “the customer” and tried to work things out?

Mind you, its people like you that give Nigeria a bad name? Its people like you that need to be seriously rebranded. Its people like you that make the words “enterpreneur + Nigeria” a poison, and thus destroy the reputation of the entire Nigerian population.

Please dont ever think you can dupe me and get away with it.


thanks for trying to help. You made a comment on my wordpress blog on Nov30, 2009. Whether or not your comments will fix the problem is not the issue, and please, No, there is no Malice in my comments about David and his company.

I feel sad, I feel I have been scammed, with my eyes wide open, worse, in 2009 – and thats by someone who sits in Ghana and calls himself a Nigerian enterpreneur.

If David is sure I’m lying, let him publish my complaints or call his lawyer against me. He knows my phone number, I believe.

See, I paid for a service in Jan2009. I have sent several emails to David and his staff since then. Nothing was done to resolve the issue. Not one phonecall from Web4Africa, not one apology. Not one technical move to resolve the issue. I moved elsewhere and and have been asking for a refund since June2009. The refund hasnt been forth-coming either.

What do you expect me to do? keep quiet? He didnt provide the service and he wont give me a refund? I dont call this a HUGE MESSY MISUNDERSTANDING, its called an INTENTION TO DEFRAUD.

You know what, I had enquired about reseller hosting from him, and was really interested to make payment. I decided to pull my breaks and see how hosting one site with him goes, before I make a final decision on the big picture. What if I had make payment for reseller hosting and this same thing happens, he wont give me a refund as well, and he would say im Malicious.

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Please note that the above is re-pasted here for posterity.


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