60days till the expiration of www.nairabytes dot com


November 12, 2009 by Administrator

If you are reading this post, please note that the author is pissed, as in PISSED. See the reason why(click image below to enlarge):


The above is from the SysAdmin of www.web4africa.net, with regards to the domain plus hosting of http://www.nairabytes.com – meant to be a wordpress blog. How would you feel if you received the above email with regards to a service which you requested and paid for at the beginning of year 2009, and which even as of this writing, 12th November, is still non-functional – all not your fault, but because the service provider could not deliver, as far as his advertised services are concerned. Screenshot below – as of this morning.


System Admin of Web4Africa has given me 60–days until the expiration of the domain and the hosting-ofcourse, and yet, I have sent a minimum of 1-email per month since January 2009 to different email addresses @web4africa.net, complaining of the same issue – all which have fallen on deaf ears of the company, and its staff. Does the SysAdmin of Web4Africa.net not see that he is contributing to the already tarnished image of Nigerians and Nigeria online, and offline? While Nigeria has a Minister whose agenda is to rebrand Nigeria.

I had a long rant about the above disappointment sometime ago, and have made several others on this weblog. Up till now, it hasn’t cut across the mind of the peeps at Web4Africa to find a technical solution to a customers complaint, and if not make a refund of payments to the customer. Please be informed that I’ve been sending complaint-mails to info at web4africa.net since June2009, demanding for a full refund of my payments – as a solution to the problem wasn’t forthcoming. I do believe that mail hasn’t arrived at their mail-servers, else by now they shouldn’t be sending me an expiration notice. Or perhaps, web4africa.net do not have any customer care personnel, else, such could have called this regular complainer and tried to sort things out.

I can hear Web4Africa singing: I go chop your dollar.

How is it that a customer keeps complaining about the same issues, and the service provider turns deaf ears, is it because my money is in your pockets? And who is this system-admin at web4africa? His name is Oluniyi David Ajao, a self professed entrepreneur, with his weblog at http://www.davidajao.com/blog/. He and his staff (Kevin) were the definition of courteous in the couple of times I made enquiries through their online chat service. A ‘yes sir, ok sir’ followed almost every reply to any question I asked. This courtesy disappeared in the following months when I began making complaints through the same online chat service. I decided to start sending emails when I discovered I was being taken for a ride – for immediately I introduced myself as nairabytes.com, I’ll get “hold on” as the next reply, and I’ll be left there hanging. Pissed, ill have to disconnect, and try again later, only to be placed on a queue which wasn’t there before. The peeps on the other end of the computer would have seen the IP address I was connecting from and would just place me in the ‘don’t bother’ category.

I remember asking Mr. David if he had any other customers, especially bloggerss on his servers, and he immediately referred me to his own blog. I thought it was an act of courtesy, not wanting to blow  his trumpet(assuming), but the contrary was the case as my domain was totally taken off weeks later (sometime in February when I was worked over the night). Mr. David told me in the morning that he had been moving servers, was sorry that something was deleted here and there, etc. I immediately began wondering if his other customers were awarded the same fate, and why all of us were kept in the dark as far as ‘pre-information on downtime’ is concerned. I didn’t bother coz I was in the infancy of my complaints and as far as I was concerned, I had no data on the blog.

What Mr. David had tried to achieve in the meantime was sending me add-invites left and right: Facebook, LinkedIn; newletters – while I am actively still complaining of the no-service-state of my domain. Isn’t it a stupid act to be sending Facebook invites to your customers complaining to you of your poor service, while you sit pretty and do nothing? What if I accept your FB invite, for example and litter your wall / mail all your friends/contacts, informing them about the state of the nation, as far as my being cheated, Fraud + Oluniyi David Ajao + Web4Africa is concerned?

Please be informed that all I enquired from Mr. David was the capability of posting to my blog from third-party softwares, with examples like: Scribe fire of Mozilla Firefox or Windows Live Writer. I got an affirmative ‘yes it is possible’, during my enquiries(I have logs of all our chats), before I made payment. After I became a bonafide ‘customer’, things changed. I was referred back to WordPress.org to go clear out my dilemma. It was when I came back, installed other scripts: Joomla, Drupal, etc., and informed Mr. David that I got the same error messages in all scenarios, and so the problem wasn’t with WordPress/Joomla/Drupal. It was then he now started talking about his firewall this and that.

My last advice to Mr. David was for him to install those softwares on his own computers, try to use them for his own weblog, check his log files  to see what is blocking what, why it doesn’t work and how to make things work. His lame advise for me was that since he writes his own posts directly into his blog online, I should do the same. It came across to me that perhaps, I was a first-timer customer/only customer making such a request and this is why David doesn’t understand the 1,2 and 3 about WordPress, and my request. But I assumed Mr. David could have taken this as a challenge to do some research and development as far as my requests were concerned. No he didn’t, no he hasn’t.

My purpose of this long post is to help inform the world and web4africa that the countdown has begun – 60days until my domain and hosting fees expire, and yet I haven’t gotten the service I requested, despite the fact that I asked clear questions when I made enquiries and I got clear YES answers; and still complaining coz the service isn’t working.
I believe Mr. David will finish the last stanza of his I go chop your dollar song in 60days time.

And just in case you plan on doing business with Nigerians, especially online, beware of Web4Africa, beware of Oluniyi, David Ajao. These are the peeps that give Africans a bad name online. I am also expecting to see a reply to the above on Mr. David’s weblog – where he informs the world that I’m lying. Ofcourse, what else does he have to say.



10 thoughts on “60days till the expiration of www.nairabytes dot com

  1. hi there, just stumbled here. Nice work you got going here.
    O boy, you sound surely pissed. Welcome to Nigeria where customer service is in the negative. I have always been very careful of all these online entrepreneurs with flashy websites advertizing services that dont exist, services they themselves dont understand. It is better to see who you are doing buisness with, especially when it comes to Nigerians.

  2. One set of Nigerians are obscenely pessimistic about Nigeria and Nigerians. They do not believe anything positive can come out of their country. To those who hold such views, they live with it and bear the consequence of missed opportunities.

    Its even worse when you find others pronouncing judgement just by reading one side of a story. Who themselves have to clue as to how things run, yet are only too eager to make generalized statements, spiced with personal insults.


  3. NairaKbps says:

    thanks for dropping by,
    1) it would have been better if you made a response to my “allegations”, rather than attacking someone else. You could as well publish all the mails Ive sent to you so far(since Feb09), all the chats I had with you and your staff, and inform the whole world that I am wrong to make my complaint about your services public.
    2) It would have been better if you gave me a refund of fees paid for services since the beginning of the year, since up till today, you have not provided the service – rather than holding on to my money and not giving me the service I paid for.
    3) It would have even been better if you tried providing the service in the first place.

    I believe you know the number of emails Ive sent to you and your company – all complaints. What have you done so far. It has all fallen on deaf ears, and yet I paid for a service.

    Lastly, how can anything good come out of Nigeria if the issues ive complained about is how you run your own buisness.

  4. Thanks for leaving the comment you left on my blog. After reading this post, I have to say the only mistake David made was telling you that you could post using Windows Live Writer. I guess he didn’t expect to be handling support for Windows Live Writer which in MY OPINION is so NOT his duty but that of Microsoft that owners of that software.

    You might have also taken time out to use Google.com to find a fix to the problem that you were having cos most of the problems I had with his server was solved using tutorials from Google.

    I’ve been blogging with Windows Live Writer for almost a year now and have conquered several “bugs” along the way. If you don’t mind sending me details and captures of the particular problems you encountered using Windows Live Writer, I might be able to help you out ASAP.

    Cheers and do have a fabulous evening

  5. NairaKbps says:

    thnaks for dropping by. U know, I use WLW on two other hosted blogs and I never had issues since subscription. For this particular case, all I just wanted to do was patronize Naija – plain and simple, not because I didnt know of any other options. When WLW didn’t work, I tried others: Blogdesk, Blogjet, Scribefire, etc, and all reported the same issues. I installed other scripts: Joomla, Drupal, etc and the errors were all similar. I reported all the above to David and his crew, and all he could do was say: WordPress is the issue, WLW is the issue, firewall is the issue, their security upgrade is the issue, etc. Gosh, it was the usual merry go-round the the typical Naija buisnessman who doesnt know what is going on, who doesn’t know the definition of “I dont know”, and who isnt interested in finding out a possible solution. Now, if all the excuses were to a novice, I wouldnt have complained but its not my first time either. My mails began falling on deaf ears and nothing was done about it.

    When web4Africa didn’t work, I moved on somewhere else, and got my site running with no issues whatsoever. Since then, I have been asking for refunds and refunds are not forth coming. Now see, David doesnt provide the service and he doesnt return me my money. Thats scam in broad day light, and here we are talking enterpreneurship and rebrand Nigeria.

  6. LOL

    If you weren’t so pissed and taken time to read my post (http://www.strictlyonlinebiz.com/blog/best-cheap-nigerian-webhosting.html) very well, you would have noticed that I tackled this issue as Problem No 2 which was solved using this plug-in http://josephscott.org/code/wordpress/plugin-libxml2-fix/.

    No vex too much abeg.

    One thing you’d have to again understand is that for the price he’s offering his services, he can’t afford to run a customer service a la the big shots like Hostgator. Personally the guy dey try pass the goats @ http://www.strictlyonlinebiz.com/blog/utiware-web-hosting-experience.html

    Hope this helps solves the friction between you guys. I totally understand your frustrations but trust me on this; David ain’t the I Go Chop Your Dollar type.

    Have a lovely day.

  7. […] blogger: NairaBytes and what interested me was his story about Web4Africa: original story, and 60 days until the expiration of……. I had passed a comment, just like I was advised a year ago: to ‘shine my eyes’, you know just […]

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