how to change the default file format in MS Excel2007

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September 21, 2009 by Administrator

I installed MS Office 2007 like two weeks ago and since then, I’ve been looking for everything. The menu boar is just too bogus. I previously used Office 2003. I’m still trying to find my way around everywhere, but one anonying thingy of MS Excel 2007 is that it, by default saves your files(workbooks) as/with a dot xlsx(.xlsx) extension, which has been causing problems for me especially when a colleague needs to read/open the file – resulting in errors here and there.

Ofcourse, theres an option to always do a ‘save as’, but doesnt it get too boring and burdensome doing it over and over again?

Anyway, this is how to change the default format that Excel2007 uses to save your files, back to the more common  Excel 97–2003 format.


1. Lauch your Microsoft Excel 2007.
2) right click on the ‘Home‘ Tab or right click on any of the other tabs,
3) select : customize quick access toolbar.



4) The ‘excel options‘ customization page opens, click on ‘save‘ on the left hand side and pull down the menu ‘save files in this format
5) select Excel 97-2003 workbook
6) click Ok


click the above to enlarge


Now, your files will be saved with a dot xls(.xls) extension.




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