between w.bloggar and blogdesk for wordpress blogging

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September 15, 2009 by Administrator

What tool makes your life easier in blogville? mine has been Blogdesk. So far blogdesk has provided everything I am looking for in a blogging tool, except that there are no features to (1) add tags to posts, and (2) prompt for passwords, when I run the software. The tool has no feature for the user to choose if/if not to save/not save login passwords for the configured blogname. Its however lightweight and clean looking.

Even though this is my PC, I often feel: should it ever happen, that something else happens, that something else happens, that someone uses my PC(with and without my consent), decides to look around, runs my blogdesk install and makes a back-dated post somewhere I would never figure out,…..and sometime in future, I find out that someone/somepeople on his own blog refers to ‘that embarassing post’…..ill be like….what da???..which could make my online life quite embarassing.

If theres something called mobile-blogging, I would want to be one and my ideal tool: one that would allow me make a post to my weblog from any computer I sit at.

As much as I love freeware, let me introduce w.Bloggar.

I think w.bloggar is a great tool, although I’ve not fished around too much, but you can take a look at some features here:

the following is a short tutorial: it took me sometime to figure out.
1.) click to download bloggar

I’m particularly impressed by the Portable version. What could be better than a blogging tool you could carry around on a Flash drive or a portable hard-disk?

2) after the download completes, double-click the file to run the application. If you have wordpress blog already, just add the account and then select ‘wordpress’ as the blog tool.


  • check/tick if you want w.bloggar to notify one of the listed sites(select any site of your fancy) whenever you publish a new post.
  • click next
  • in the host box, type your wordpress host: ex:
  • in the path box: type: /xmlrpc.php

i love the option to save/not save password, especially if you use are blogging from a computer thats not yours

  • leave Port 80 by default and leave UTF-8 selected
  • click next
  • type your username and password and click finish. Launching the tool:


anyway, here is exactly what I was looking for:


WBloggar has a lot of impressive features, but as much as they impressed me, I soon found out that its a labor to insert an image into a post. I have to upload the picture-file into my weblog first and then insert it from the weblog into the post – thanks to Jakes-tutorial. I’m like…what da!!! why do I have to go around the world just to insert a JPEG file. What is better than having an icon/button directly in WBloggar that allows one to insert a picture, and then after the composition everything in uploaded. Besides, what if I upload a picture into my weblog(according to wbloggar), then I decide I want to edit/change the picture, then I’ll have one extra file guzzling up some space in the weblog.

Anyway, I don’t have the time to go round the world just for the purpose of inserting a JPEG file(pics above) to make a post so I had to fire-up the ever faithful blogdesk just for this post.

However WBloggar has a lot of media features, which I haven’t tested and might not be testing.

A unique feature however is the Portable version of the tool. That could help my mobile-blogging life.


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