project: I want to develop my own WordPress theme

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September 11, 2009 by Administrator

I’m resolved to, and for the next 4–weeks, bury myself into various WordPress tutorials and brush up my PHP skills.

Yes, I want to learn everything(although I know this would be a herculian task) I need to learn especially how to develop / put together my own WordPress theme.

Although this endeavor is quite discouraging, considering all the tutorials out there, considering various free themes, and worse, professional theme developers with affordable themes. Its just that I feel even if I purchase a theme, t’will be nice to understand the code, what it does – and if/maybe how to add something extra, just for myself.

And once I’m through, you bet, I’ll share what I learned in the process. I just believe in the do it yourself idea.

Till then, Peace!


88888 – – – – – – 88888

Still on my Nairabytes domain saga, the webhost responded to my application for a refund that they(himself and his company) cannot give me a refund. More, he hasn’t offered any technical-solution to the problem I’ve reported 7–months ago.

Beats my imagination: he offered a service, I paid for the service, he didn’t provide the service and he won’t give me a refund. What am I left with? only in Nigeria of course.

In the meantime, I installed Joomla, setup my blogging client for a test post, and heres what I have (below), same as for WP.


Click to enlarge:


link: click here


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