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August 28, 2009 by Administrator

I read this article titled: 12 Words you can never say in the office yesterday.

If you’re old enough to understand the reference in this headline — George Carlin, anyone? — then you’re old enough to need a refresher course when it comes to talking about technology.

We’ve put together a list of outdated tech terms, phrases that you shouldn’t be using at work anymore because they will make you seem old. This is especially true if you’re looking for a new job. For example, on an interview, you should be talking about “cloud computing,” not “ASPs” even though they are basically the same thing.

This list is useful for 20-somethings, too. Now when the senior person in the office uses one of these terms, you’ll know what he’s talking about.



1) Is every Intranet really a VPN? A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square.

2) Since a company with an Intranet(VPN) can provide its suppliers / buisness partners access to its VPN, do we now call the whole it ‘big picture – outside connection plus inside connection’ a VPN? don’t think so.

3) I think ‘browse’ is more in-vogue than browsing…

4) no comment

5) I think ‘cloud computing’ is too far fetched. Is there no other word between ASP and cloud computing?

6) so if you don’t have a black berry, you dont have a PDA then, nice.

7) Anyone who uses Internet Telephony must be slapped, real time.

8) Is everybody really microblogging? what percent of bloggers have switched over to microblogging? Its like trying to compare browsing the internet on my phone with from my PC!

9) I think Thin Client is Thin Client and Virtual Desktop is Virtual Desktop. Trying to replace one with another doesn’t just ……

10) Rboc is for those who use it.

11) Long-Distance Call is still applicable in Africa.

12) Infobahn?


and I also believe that Education must be replaced with e-Education.


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