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August 25, 2009 by Administrator

I resolved yesterday to make the best of what I have for the meantime. I am going to install available CMSs on my domain, and blog about all the how-to’s and how-to-not in the process. I will do this to leave for myself and for whoever will stumble on this blog necessary tutorials, etc.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave my web-host, web4africa to figure things out technically:

  • why a simple wordpress blog on their servers can’t be updated via third party tools like Scribefire,
  • why text formatting does not work in WordPress, and Drupal
  • why the many solutions posted in forums do not work for / on my webhost’s servers – he said its part of their security measures,
  • etcetera, etcetera

While my webhost did not waste time to refer me back and forth to WordPress (the Coy), I have searched up and down the net and done the best I can, and seriously, I’m tired. I would like to solve the problem and one thing I’ve learnt over time is to help myself.

So this morning, I have deleted previous installations of WordPress and Drupal and have re-installed WordPress 2.7 and Joomla into subdirectories.

I shall post the installation tutorial in up and coming posts.

warm regards



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