How to install Joomla 1.5 on your own domain

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August 25, 2009 by Administrator

I have Fantastico DeLuxe as a software service, on my Cpanel. Click on the Fantastico icon if you have it too.

I suppose you have a valid administrator login the control panel of your domain name.

If you dont’t, pls contact your web-hosting company.



step-1) Click on the Joomla 1.5 Icon on the left to open the window on the right, and then click New Installation.

Click below to enlarge:




step-2) The Joomla 1.5 installation page provides some options for the actual installation. Fill in the blanks where necessary. All helloworld’s in the figure below are for tutorial-purposes only.



a) Install on domain: enter domain name. Mine came pre-filled:

b) Install in directory: for this tutorial, I’m installing WordPress into its own directory ‘jm’ – without the quotes. Note, the access URL will be If ‘install in directory’ option is left blank, Joomla will be installed in the default public folder provided by your webhost.

c) Admin access data:
– fill in a username and password for accessing the site.

d)Base configuration:
admin e-mail: enter a valid email address for the administrator account.

Admin full name: enter a name

Site name: enter the name of your domain.

Install Sample Data: leave ‘checked’

After supplying necessary details, hit ‘Install Joomla 1.5’.


step-3) Hurrayyy, the installation is complete. The portion red-marked is private to your own installation.



Hit the Finish Installation button.


step-4) The next screen provides you information regarding the installation and configuration paths, your username and password (entered in #2). Below the screen, you have the option to email these information(very important) to your email address for safe-keeping. Enter a valid email address and and hit the send mail button.



and what do we have here:

 click to enlarge:



additional links:


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