display folder-size in WindowsXP


August 14, 2009 by Administrator

If theres one thing that pisses me off, is to find that my hard-drive is getting full and I really don’t know “what happened” – besides the fact that I download too much and forget where and what I downloaded.

So here, I found a solution, how to display your folder size in Windows XP with a tool: Folder Size for Windows 2.4

1. download the file Folder Size for Windows 2.4 from sourceforge (right-click, save-as)

2. to verify if your PC is 32–bit or 64–bit, do the following:
    2a) go to command prompt: start-menu >> Run >> type ‘cmd
    2b) when command prompt opens, type: set and look for a line like the attached:


If you find anything that looks like X86….you’ve got a 32–bit. Besides, 64–bit computers are quite rare to find.

3.  Install the downloaded file: 
 – double click to RUN the downloaded file
 – click ‘next’
 – you can select any of the other options…i selected ‘complete’
 – lastly, click ‘finish’

4) Lastly, open your C-drive or any drive that contains folders, right click on the column headers and select folder-size, like in the pic below:


Note that there are many other options that could be displayed by right-clicking on the colum-headers.





One thought on “display folder-size in WindowsXP

  1. […] though I had Windows Folder-Size installed, I still didn’t get the correct amount of used/available space information for the […]

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