how to hide and unhide your dirty desktop

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August 2, 2009 by Administrator

I just made a ‘good mistake’ and thought its worth sharing.

I wanted to create a directory on my desktop, and then I clicked an option I hadn’t noticed, and suddenly, all the links and files on my desktop disappeared. I thought things got deleted until I checked windows explorer\Desktop to see they were still there.

Google helped me out as I searched for desktop items disappeared. This answer helped me out

anyway, heres how to do it all by yourself.

To hide your dirty desktop:

right click on your desktop,

select ‘arrange icons by’

select/uncheck ‘Show Desktop Icons’

there you go: your desktop becomes squeaky clean:

to restore, just right click on the desktop again, just like you did above and check ‘show desktop icons’.


I find this quite good, especially if your desktop is the messy type and you need to hide the mess ‘at least for awhile’ until bigboss passes by.


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